Golf Tuition

Your Pathway to Playing Golf

Advanced Golf tuition available all year round

Private Golf Tuition

30 Minute Golf Lesson with Matthew £25

Why is it only a 30 minute golf lesson?
Shorter golf lessons offer focused, intensive training that maximizes learning efficiency. In 30 minutes, students receive personalised instruction targeting specific aspects of their game, ensuring rapid improvement without being overwhelmed & overloaded with information. This condensed format fits easily into busy schedules, making it more convenient and manageable for consistent practice and development.

Why use Trackman Technology?
TrackMan technology enhances golf tuition by providing precise, data-driven feedback. It translates the intricacies of a golf swing into understandable metrics, fostering a deeper knowledge of ball flight laws and swing mechanics. This immediate insight accelerates the learning curve, allowing for informed adjustments and a more profound understanding of the game.

Trackman Shortgame.
TrackMan's putting and short game analysis offer quantifiable insights into your technique, revealing subtle nuances that can transform your play. This data-driven approach uncovers the tiniest imperfections in your stroke and strategy, enabling targeted improvements and fostering a precision approach to the most delicate and decisive aspects of the game.

A mixture of range and golf course faculties.
Utilising a blend of the driving range in Llangefni with TrackMan, and actual golf course facilities based in Rhosneigr,  provides a comprehensive learning experience. The range and technology refine technique through repetition and analysis, while the real-world variables of the course and greens translate those skills into practical, adaptable play, ensuring well-rounded golf development.

Block vs Random practice.
Block practice, through repetition, ingrains a specific skill, building muscle memory and confidence in one's swing. Random practice, however, challenges the golfer to adapt to various scenarios, mirroring on-course experiences. It fosters mental agility and the ability to apply skills contextually, crucial for real-world proficiency.

Junior Golf School

Kids get into golf – Your pathway to playing golf

Give your children a head start in golf with our informal golf lessons for kids, taught by golf professionals experienced in teaching children. We’ll even lend your kids a 7-iron so there’s no need to splash out on equipment. Courses run for 6 weeks.

Timetable Course Details

Age Group Day Time Cost
5 -15 yrs



16:00 - 17:00



Mon Golf is dedicated to growing the game of golf and truly believes this starts with introducing as many children as possible into the game. Once we have given them the skills to play, we work with golfing partners and local golf clubs to provide them with access to courses so they are able to continue their development.

This pathway will allow them to progress into playing golf at club level, county level and onto national level. Ultimately, it is their choice how great a golfer they wish to become. All we aim to do is to provide the support and direction they need.

Our safeguarding policy for children and young people can be downloaded here:

  • The lessons are £5 for the 60 minute session
  • Free club hire
  • Session involves time on the range, the putting green and fun games and competitions
  • Kids will be split into age related groups
  • DBS certified
Coaching Sessions